Once You Go Black

Years ago, I had the opportunity to meet an artist named Thom Rouse. You can see his work (NSFW) at www.thomrouse.com. His photography is great, but his artistry with those images is amazing. He also teaches various classes regarding artistic literacy and such. During an online interview, he was once asked what he was “on” when creating his images. I learned that he likes to drink Scotch. His comment in the interview was that for the money, you can’t go wrong with the Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch. That’s what inspired this image. In order to do this, I did purchase some acrylic ice cubes (not the expensive ones though). The great part about photographing objects like this is that its easy to replicate and change things .. make minute adjustments and re-shoot. There’s no people to move, facial expressions to change, etc. For a logical guy like me, this works. I received a merit for this image. It scored an 85 (my highest scoring image to date). After this, I did send the image to Thom to share it. He asked me for permission for him to use it as part of his classes. When Thom shares information about himself at the beginning of his classes he shares this image. This was humbing to me as he is a Master Artist with PPA and he sees the value in sharing an image of mine (I was once a CPP, but let my certification expire). Anyway. I hope you enjoy (the image and the scotch).