Explore Minnesota

My parents have a cabin in northern Minnesota. At least, every other year, we go there on vacation. Every year, my mom picks up the local touristy magazine meant to bring business to the area. After all, it is about 30 minutes from Itasca State Park. This magazine features ads for many of the little shops, and has articles about various points of interest. I’m particularly fond of the little town of Dorset, MN. It claims to be the “Restaurant Capital of the World” because there is a very high restaurants per capita rating. If I recall it was something like 1 restaurant for every 7 people in the town. That seems excessive.. but there were really only 4 restaurants in town. Anyway, while at the cabin, one year, I noticed a calendar that my mom had hung on the wall in one of the bedrooms. It was filled with some nature scenes, but nothing terribly exciting. This particular image was lily pads on a lake. It got me thinking. I wonder if I could do something similar… but I would try to make it look like an image that belongs on the cover of one of these magazines. On one particularly sunny day (when it wasn’t too cold to go swimming), I went inside and got Karen’s camera. Fortunately the cabin was right near an area that had a good number of water lilies. I walked in (about stomach deep), squatted down so that I could get a nice close up of the lily, as well as seeing the beauty of the surrounding area. In February of 2012, this image was entered into the North Central District photo competition through the PPA and it received a score of 80 (enough to qualify for a merit).