For those that don’t know me, I am a musician as well. This is a guitar that I used to own. (side note.. I need to take pictures of my new guitar. I just haven’t gotten around to that yet.). Anyway. This is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I bought in 2006. It was one of 2 guitars I bought shortly after we had our house fire in late 2005. There were many things I liked about this guitar…. the tone, sustain, look, etc. However, this was the one guitar that “felt” different than the others. My other guitars were both MIM Fender guitars (one Strat and one Telecaster). Because of that, it ended up becoming the “spare” that I rarely played. For this reason, I ended up selling it to a friend. Anyway.. as a side note, I recently listened to an audio book that talked about the history and rivalry between Leo Fender and Les Paul. It was very interesting to hear all the things that both did… Everything from Leo Fender making amplifier adjustments WHILE the band was playing… to the fact that Les Paul desired stardom. This image also received a merit.. but since it was not at a district competition, there is no numbered score. However, the minimum numbered score for a merit is 80.